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Gemini Inspections Ltd. prides itself on the thoroughness and quality of its examinations. Here is just a small selection of the wide variety of projects we have inspected.

Plant Machinery (Excavators, Dozers, Dumpers, Crushers)
These widely used pieces of plant machinery are used extensively throughout the construction and farming industries. All of which require to be certified to comply with the requirements of LOLER (Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998) or PUWER (Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998) and all covered by Gemini Inspections.
are inspected on site and certified to comply with the requirements of LOLER (Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998) We test and inspect a large range of Excavators from Micro to 30-40 tonne machines.
Crane Services
is an area of specialist knowledge and experience, whether mobile or static Engineering Cranes. Our inspector will determine the condition, functionality and safety of your machinery.
Vehicle Lifts
which are poorly inspected or lack proper maintenance are a major cause of injury within the vehicle industry. We help to reduce the risk of vehicles falling from vehicle lifts by ensuring that the lift has been correctly installed, regularly maintained and thoroughly examined every 6 months.
Forklift Truck
inspections are undertaken to adhere to the requirements of LOLER and PUWER (Provision & Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998). Gemini Inspections has extensive experience in forklift examination and offer safeguard to companies working with material handling equipment, whether owned, leased or hired.
Lift Examination
Gemini Inspection carry out through examinations of lifts from large installations to smaller access lifts for the physically impaired. We've covered major projects from national sports venues, shopping centres and private flats to smaller concerns such as local nursing homes and small offices and factories.
Mobile Silo/Product Tankers
Under PSSR (Pressure Systems Safety Regulations 2000) we cover all major types of Mobile Road Tankers including Tipping Tanks, Hopper Bottom Discharge Tanks and Gully Suckers. We offer a fast and efficient service to minimise downtime and to keep your vehicles productive.
Garage/Workshop Compressors
Whatever industry or sector you're in, from construction to print or automotive to engineering, we deal with medium wide range of air system installations, carrying out NDT (Non Destructive Test) and Safety Device Testing.
Personnel Powered Access Platform
We believe that Personnel Access Platforms are the safest way to Work-at-Height, for this reason Gemini Inspections prides itself on the Thorough Examination we carry out, giving real peace of mind to our customers. All variety of platform are inspected from Low Level Access, Scissor Lifts and Boom Lifts.
Backhoe Loader & Telescopic Handlers
Accesories - Tackle
A range of lifting accessories.
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